Craft Island Survival Simulator 3D App Reviews

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Great game!!

I love this game! There is so much to explore and build! Don't listen to the other reviews, they're just salty about the ads. But come on, it's free OF COURSE there's gonna be ads! And it gives u 500 coins per video anyway so what the heck! :)

Good but one big glitch and too many adds

So this game is good but there's a glitch that if you log off then log back in some of the things you placed disappear and there's another bug where I can't place floors and there's too many ads


I had high hopes from the pictures but there's no way to get off the boat and maneuvering within it on land is a pain.


This is the best survival game. It has all of your important essentials, and you have to actually craft things! I love how you can build a boat! Keep up the GREAT work! Update this game frequently, and it will become even better! (If thats even possible)


Please fix the crashes for ios 6.1 cuz it crashes every time I open it up!


It's a cool game but one of the map pieces are under the surface and there's no way to get it out


it is like minecraft but more pixel


I was doing well until a strange animal came along and attacked me! When I got away another one killed me. Not good. Please improve this app

Ad Spam

Ads pop up every 10 to 15 seconds. It's very self explanatory, it's unplayable.


His game is one of the best mobile games I ever played it should come out for consoles that would be awesome


This is the best game i've ever played in my life.only one problem,ads.they are stopping me from playing. The sheeps and goats turn big if they are makes me laugh all the time.

Cool idea man It looks amazing


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